5 Qualities A Pediatric Dentist Should Have

A pediatric dentist should also make sure that he/she is able to keep the kid safe. This is not an easy thing in pediatric dentistry. That’s because just the thought of syringes, pain, blood, and tooth coming off, could scare off a kid. In most cases, a kid has to be accompanied by his parent or someone he’s familiar with.

Pediatric dentists in timmins not only care for your child’s oral health, but they must have special skills with respect to how to deal with children. Kids are not just small adults, they have different emotional needs, and they often require added patience and understanding. Pediatric dentists should not only know how to care for your children’s teeth, but also how to care for your child.

Kind and Approachable
A dentist that welcomes his patients with kindness and excitement, especially when it comes to children, goes a long way. Children are very susceptible to appearances, tone of voice, and other mannerisms. With children, their first impressions of the experience are the ones that often last and a dentist that can be seen as a friend is a great way to start off the experience.

Many children are scared of the dentist simply because of a fear of the unknown. Children often feel uncomfortable around people who they perceive to be strangers, especially when they have to leave their parents behind in the waiting room. A compassionate dentist in kenora town will overcome this anxiety.

Educate the Children
We emphasize how important it is to keep teeth strong and healthy by educating children using models, computer technology, and kid-friendly terms. Information and advice on good hygiene routines, eating habits, and the prevention of disease and trauma is also very important.

Capturing the attention of a children and getting them to listen is one of the most important qualities of a pediatric dentist. It’s a gift that many people don’t have.

How To Choose A Pediatric Dentist For Your Kids

Choosing a dentist for your child is just as important as finding a doctor. You want a professional with great reputation and education as well as someone who will be kind and caring when working with your child.

Here are some steps you can take to choose a great pediatric dentist:

1 Review Your Options

Gather a list of pediatric dentists to compare. Hop online and check out the candidates you are considering. There are quite a few sites dedicated to helping consumers acquire local quality care, which offer user-submitted reviews and ratings to help in the decision process. Here’s a good dentist directory if you’re locate in Ontario, Canada.

2 Start Comparing

There are many things to compare when you review your options. Check how long the dentist has been in business and make sure they’re licensed as pediatric dentist. They have two additional years of residency training for babies, kids and teens

Also check into their policies, payment options, the insurance they take and customer reviews.

3 Make an Appointment

Your first visit is an opportunity to evaluate their practice and make sure it’s the right place for you and your child. Just because you choose a dentist and make an appointment doesn’t mean you’re making a lifelong commitment to that practice

During the first visit the hygienist and dentist will

  • Conduct an exam and assess your child’s mouth for cavities, normal tooth development, and potential future concerns
  • Talk about dental habits
  • Educate you and your child about dental care including health and nutrition habits
  • Repair any issues if necessary
  • Discuss preventive dental care, including cleaning, sealants and fluoride treatment

As you’re in the office, make sure that it’s a welcoming place for children. Everyone should be friendly and the environment should be designed for children and include activities in the waiting room, visual design elements that are friendly to children, like bright colors and kid-friendly themes.

Speak with the dentist and ask what your child should expect during a general checkup. A good pediatric specialist should know how to interact with children and be able to make them feel comfortable.

It can take a little time to find the right dentist for our child, but it’s worth it. When the dental experience is a positive one, kids are less likely to develop a fear of the dentist

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